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Source : Radio Frontier - Publié le 24/05/2011

Radio Frontier ‐ the new commercial English language radio station for Geneva,  Lausanne and neighbouring France ‐ announces it will be on‐air on 6th June 2011

Geneva, 24 May 2011 ‐ Radio Frontier has been founded by media entrepreneurs Peter Sibley, (previous Founder of World Television plc) and Mark Butcher (previous Programme Controller and Breakfast Presenter of World Radio Geneva). The station will start transmissions from 6th June from its new purpose‐built broadcast studios in Geneva.

Radio Frontier will on air in early June and broadcast in English 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year. In its first 9 month launch period the station will be available on-line at www.radiofrontier.ch and via mobile applications. From Spring 2012 it will be transmitted on the new commercial DAB+ transmission network which will have an audience footprint of over 2 million people across Suisse Romande and neighbouring France.

Mark Butcher, Founder and Director:
"Radio Frontier's mission is to be a ‘public spirited commercial radio station'. It aims to be close to the community, close to the audience and close to local business. Its editorial policy is to keep its content authoritative but light and accessible. There has been a real opportunity created by the changes over the last few years at World Radio Switzerland. WRS has become a national station with a non‐commercial mandate. It's become serious talk radio that generally follows a Swiss political agenda. It's left a large gap in the market for a locally‐focused, commercial radio station. We will report on the international community from the perspective of the international community rather than from the perspective of the Swiss Government. And we'll make it fun to be a part of."

Peter Sibley, Founder and Director:
"I've been living and running a business here for ten years and I know how much the region misses a local radio station. We've created Frontier Radio to connect with the local community and business and help to create a feeling of substance and continuity. If we get this right the audience could be large. The latest figures suggest that there could be almost half a million Anglophones in the region when you mix in English spoken at work and at home by the hundred or more nationalities that live here. That's a large audience and direct access to it is extremely valuable to advertisers."

Mark Butcher says:
"We aim to be both well–informed and informal at all times. But we promise not to be boring. We won't report on traffic jams in Zug or explain the inner political workings of remote cantons. We know exactly where we live. The radio station is calling for the support of its audience to help it become the best local, relevant and easy‐going radio station in the region."

Peter Sibley says:
"If you're an advertiser, if you're working in the region, if you're involved in the community, if you're studying, if you've just arrived or if this is your permanent home – Radio Frontier will be your local radio station. We want the international community to use it, contribute to it, take part and make it a part of their daily lives."

The Radio Frontier website will be a crucial part of the station's local content delivery and will be updated daily with local news and What's On information, with business and community directories, video windows, events listings, local and international news.

Radio Frontier's parent company Anglo Media SA is funded by a group of private investors who are based in Switzerland, UK, France and Italy. The launch of Radio Frontier marks the first stage in the launch of a number of new English speaking radio stations for the growing Anglophone communities across Europe.

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